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Active Membership
AIMSE Active Membership is open ONLY to those who devote all or a major portion of their time to the marketing or selling of investment management products/services. Membership is by individual only.

Associate Membership
AIMSE Associate Membership is open ONLY to those who are regularly engaged in and devote a significant portion of his/her time to business activities directly relating to or involving the provision of goods and educational information and services to further enhance and promote the profession of investment management marketing and sales. Membership is by individual only.

* A three percent processing fee will be added to all credit card transactions.

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Mentorship Program

In order to facilitate the merging of experienced members with those new to the industry or changing positions, AIMSE is offering a mentorship program. If you would like a qualified AIMSE member to share his/her insight on the industry, please indicate by checking the appropriate box. If you would like to serve as a mentor to a fellow AIMSE member, please indicate by checking the appropriate box. This is a program that involves time commitment on both ends and will require the mentee to drive communication between the mentor and mentee. After your membership form has been processed, you will be sent a questionnaire so that we can properly place you with a mentor or a mentee.

Investment Management

Committee Opportunities

If you are interested in helping to shape your organization and further the mission of AIMSE, please become a part of one of the AIMSE committees in need of volunteers. Please indicate below the committee(s) on which you would be willing to serve and the committee chair will contact you about opportunities to participate. For complete descriptions of each committee, please click here.

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